Saturday, February 4, 2017

Using SharePoint Online with Office 365 subscription

In this post we will discuss how to subscribe for the trial version of Office 365 E5 and use the SharePoint Online version which comes free with it.

Subscribe for Office 365 Enterprise E5  Trial Version
Go to the following link

Provide your details here. You must provide your contact number.

Provide details regarding your site, including URL.

8. Click "You're ready to go..." link and it will take you to the login page of SharePoint online.

SharePoint online trial version will be activated. Expand the Admin Centers List and click on the SharePoint link.

The SharePoint admin center is used for creating and managing sites in SharePoint Online.

Creating a new site collection in SharePoint Online.

Click on new button to create a new site. The interface is the same as on-premises.

We can create a developer site for testing and debugging the custom SharePoint apps.

Once provisioned the site will look as follows.
Configuring App Catalog for SharePoint Online

Open the SharePoint admin center. Click on apps link.
In the apps page, click on App Catalog link to create a new app catalog site collection.
Select "Create a new app catalog site" option and click OK button

Enter the name for your app catalog site and click OK button.
The app catalog site will be displayed on the admin center. Click on the link to open the site.

SharePoint online app catalog is ready and can be used for publish custom Office\SharePoint apps which can made available to the entire organisation.

Hope this post was helpful!

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