Thursday, May 9, 2013

SharePoint 2013 - Creating Web Application, Site Collections And Subsites

Creating Web Application, Site Collections And Subsites in SharePoint 2013 is very much similar to that of in SharePoint 2010. The major difference is that SharePoint 2013 makes use of claims based authentication by default.

Before we start, let's a take a look at the Sites hierarchy. 
Based on the hierarchy shown in the above figure we will perform the following tasks:
1) Create a new Web Application.
2) Create a Team Site Site Collections inside the web application. (Top Level Site).
3) Create a Blog Subsite under the Site Collection.

So lets get started...

Creating a new Web Application

Open Central Admin Site and go to Application Management-> Manage Web Application.

The Web Application Management page opens. Click on New button.

A pop-up window for creating web application will appear. Specify a port number.

Select the authentication mode. By default, it will be Claims based authentication.

You may change the public url. Also, you can change the content database name for easily identifying the database for your web application (eg: WSS_CONTENT_PortNumber).

Click on OK button to start creating the web application.

Once the web application is created, the following pop-up will appear and you will be prompted to create a site Collection.
Note:- You will not we able to use the web application unless you create at least one site collection.

Creating a new Site Collection

Now lets move on and create a site collections in the web application we just created.

Click on Create Site Collection from the pop-up in the previous figure. Following page will appear.. Specify your Site Collection name and template. We will choose the Team Site template.

Enter at least one site collection administrator for this site collection. Click on OK button to start creating a new Site Collection.

Once completed a message will pop-up. Click on the url link to navigate to the newly created site collection.

The new Site Collection named Tech Bytes provisioned with Team Site template has been created.

Creating a new Subsite

We will create a Subsite  under the Site Collection we just created. So lets get started...

Click on Settings button and select Site Contents option to navigate to the Site Contents page. Click on new subsite link.

Specify the Title, Description, Web site address, etc. Choose the blog Template for this subsite. Also, choose other options like permissions and navigations as you desire. Click on Create button to start creating the blog subsite.

The new subsite named "Tech Bytes - Blog" has been created provisioned with the Blog template.

Hope this post gives an overview of creating Web Application, Site Collections And Subsites in SharePoint Server 2013.

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