Wednesday, October 9, 2013

SharePoint 2013 - Adding an out of box webpart

In the previous post we saw the steps for creating a webpart page. In this post we will add a content editor webpart (which is an out of box webpart) to the webpart page.

Adding a webpart
Following are the steps for adding a webpart.

1) Open the webpart page in edit mode.

2) Click on Add a web part link on the page. All the weparts in the current site collection will be listed. Select Media and Content->Content Editor as shown in the image below. Click on Add button to add this webpart.

3) Once the webpart is added, you can add any custom content by clicking on the link "Click here to add new content".

4) After adding the contents, click on Stop Editing link to close the edit mode and view the page in normal display mode.

5) The webpart will be displayed on the page as follows. If the webpart content needs to be changed, open the page again in edit mode and modify the webpart.

Modifying a webpart

6) For editing webpart properties like contents, height, weight etc, open the page in edit mode and select Edit Web Part link as follows. The webpart properties window will appear on the right hand side of the page.

Deleting a webpart

7) For deleting the webpart, open the page in edit mode and select Delete link as follows.

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