Sunday, November 9, 2014

SharePoint 2013 - Timer Jobs

A Timer job is an executable task that runs in background on SharePoint server at a scheduled time. It can be used to perform long running tasks like clearing logs, synchronizing lists etc. Timer jobs can be set to run a schedule task once or in recurrence.

SPTimerv4 Service
Timer jobs execute in the context of the SharePoint Timer Service (SPTimerv4) and can be customized to implement server side code at an administrator level.

SharePoint timer jobs run under the OWSTIMER.exe process. This process has a configuration file OWSTIMER.EXE.CONFIG associated with it. This config file can be used to specify the configuration settings that are to be used in custom timer jobs.

Monitoring Timer Jobs
A timer job can be monitored from Central Admin->Monitoring->Timer Jobs Section.

Click on the Review job Definitions link to view the list of all timer jobs. On the left hand side of this page, there other links through which you can view scheduled jobs, currently running jobs, job history etc.

Further click on the Time Job title will show you the details like last run time, job intervals, scope etc. Also, you can execute it manually by clicking the Run Now button. and delete it by click the the Delete button.

Hope you enjoyed this post. In the next post we will discuss about custom timer jobs!

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