Sunday, January 18, 2015

SharePoint 2013 - Fixing Memory leak issues in Noderunner

Recently, I came across the following error while saving items to a list in a newly created site collection. Upon further research, I found out that this error occurred due to memory leak issues in Noderunner.exe.

Error: Unexpected response from server. The status code of response is '500'. The status text of response is 'System.ServiceModel.ServiceActivationException'.

What is Noderunner.exe?
Noderunner.exe (Microsoft SharePoint Search Component) is an executable component of SharePoint 2013 Search managed by the SharePoint Search Host Controller Service, and each NodeRunner process hosts one of the following Search components:
 - Crawl
 - Content Processing
 - Index
 - Analytics
 - Query Processing
 - Search Administration

The path of NodeRunner.exe is
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\15.0\Search\Runtime\1.0

Fixing memory leak in Noderunner
Open SharePoint 2013 Management Shell and type the following:
Set-SPEnterpriseSearchService -PerformanceLevel Reduced

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