Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SharePoint 2013 - Setting up a SharePoint 2013 Site on Office 365 Developer Site.

In this post we will look at the various steps for setting up a SharePoint 2013 developer site in Office 365.

1) Sign up for Office 365 Developer Site from here. (

2) You may opt for a 30 day trial edition to experience the Office 365 developer site. No credit card required.

3) Fill up the form with your personal details.
Note:- You may be required to enter a domain name for creating user account. You can enter a fictitious domain name just for development purpose.

4) Once you fill up all details and click Submit button, you will be redirected to your mail box. From there click Site option in the ribbon.

5) You will redirected to your personal site from where you can choose to create a Team site or a Public site. Choose the Team Site option.

6) Your new SharePoint 2013 Team site will be created.

Note:- You can use this for development purpose which is much more easier than going for a full SharePoint 2013 setup. But remember that this is only 30 day trial. You may need to purchase the licensed version for continuing after 30 days.

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