Saturday, February 4, 2017

Creating Web Apps in Microsoft Azure

In this post we will go through the steps required to create an Azure Web App.

1) Go to Microsoft Azure management portal
Note: If you do not have an azure account, you can create a 30 days trial subscription using your office 365 account. 

2) Once you have subscribed, open the Azure portal.

3) Select the Web Apps link on the left pane and click on Create a Web App button.

4) Enter the desired name and other details for your Web App. Click Create Web App button.

5) The new web app will be create and display as follows.

6) Click on the web app url to open in browser.

7) Web app page will be opened in the browser. This is just an empty container and you can deploy your website into it. You can also download and import a .publishsettings file for a destination web site.

Hope this post was helpful!!

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